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My name is Rory and I want to give you an idea of what Flava Magazine is all about!

I’m 19 and i’m from Brixton in South-East London. Around the age of 15. I began to develop my own interests and tastes, along with a few friends, and really started to engage and embrace the culture around me. Growing up in Brixton I was almost overwhelmed by the variety of people I saw, food I tasted, music I heard and places I would explore.


As my eyes were opened  to reveal more than just the trivialities of school and work, I became more and more excited by discoveries of both emerging and older music genres, fashions and sub-cultures. As soon as I stumbled across a new rapper or clothing brand I would be desperate to share these discoveries with my friends so they could share what i was experiencing.


My love of, for lack of a better word, influencing and putting my friends onto my own interests blossomed as I entered sixth form and began to form closer friendship groups. We would exhaust discussion on all of our favourite musicians and clothing lookbooks and listen on repeat to the latest tracks we were loving.

Constant trawling through the internet all night eventually led me to blogs like Four Pins where I could obsess over clothes and  Pigeons & Planes  which put a spotlight on artists I would never otherwise have heard. The writers for these sites were funny and just enthusiastic fans and appreciators of the same things as me.

This is what inspired me to create Flava Magazine. I wanted my own outlet for my own vibes and expressions, which I could control and moderate and so here I am writing this. On this blog the main emphasis will be on music. I listen to all kinds of music, but grime. hip-hop and electronic music take up most of my iTunes.

I’ll be sharing what i’m listening to and what I want to spotlight. I’m hoping to start writing some reviews and write-ups of live music events and gigs as well. I’ll upload photos I take of places I’ve been and food I’ve eaten and most importantly recommend to you!

Now i’m not claiming to be this huge trendsetter. but I think I have pretty good taste and I want to share what I find with you!

Let me know if you have any requests or ideas for content in the comments below.


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Trap Tuesdays

This week i’ve been enjoying this hit from up-and-comer MADEINTYO. Following on from his breakout hit “Uber Everywhere” which prompted a big remix from Travis Scott, the Atlanta native has further added to his unique trap sound with “I Want (Skr Skr)”.

Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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3D Logo!

This is a 3D logo that I made using Maxon Cinema 4D for Flava Magazine.

To create this in 3D I followed these steps:

1: Open the file containing your logo in Adobe Illustrator

2: Close the paths on all of your shapes

3: Convert all of your text to Outlines (this is important for bringing it to life in 3D)

4: Ensure all of your images have a black fill colour and no outline

5: Save your file in the Illustrator 8 format

6: Launch the software MAXON Cinema4D

7: Drag your illustrator file into the perspective window on the right

8: Group all of your paths in the layout window and name them so you can remember them

9: Select each of the relevant paths and group them together

10: For each of your groups, EXTRUDE them to add the 3D effect and then drag the group into the extrude

11: In the MATERIALS window. create a new material and set the materials properties to the right colour values for your chosen colours

12: Then drag the material form the bottom right onto whichever extrudes you want coloured

13: If you want to add some lighting, click and hold on the Lighting option and choose the kind of light that you want. Then apply this to whichever extrudes you want illuminated.

14: Enjoy the beauty of 3D

P.S. The images are available to download and save if you click on the links!

3D angle 1

3d 1 thumbnail

3D angle 1PDF


3D angle 2


3D 2 thumbnail

3D angle 2 PDF

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Brand Guidelines

This is a PDF of my Brand Guidelines sheet. It shows the font I have used for my logo as well as the sizing and the colour coding.

brand guidelines thumbnail

TEMPLATE Brand Guidelines Sheet update [Converted]


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Flava Magazine Motion Graphic

This is our motion graphic prototype for our magazine. We hope to have this displayed at bus stops, in train stations and eventually in Piccadilly Circus.

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Flava Magazine Grime Motion Graphic

Flava-Magazine-Grime-GifI put together this little gif featuring Novelist and Stormzy to practice my Photoshop skills and pay some homage to two of my favourite MC’s at the moment!

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Conceptual Cover

Whilst Flava Magazine is only an online publication at the moment, I hope to have it in print at some point in the not-too-distant future. I put together a conceptual cover using Photoshop and would love to hear you’re feedback!

screenshot of latest magazine cover progress

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